Friday, February 26, 2010

Girl From Impanema

From this outfit you would not guess that is has been snowing in Austin but, it has. I'm going to force myself to come up with a cold-weather outfit for the next post....
Hat, purse, dress, sunglasses, earrings, shoes.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Away From Here.

The outfit I've created here is inspired by a faraway place that  I've never been to. 
I'm assuming it's warm enough to wear these demure sandals.
 I'm assuming the general populace is supportive of me mixing nautical prints with sunset prints.
 I'm assuming I need little more than a swab a sugar rose balm before I'm out the door (you see I've become tawny and attractive while on this fake vacation.) 
Oh, yes, I shouldn't forget a spritz of my cleopatra perfume (smells like power, sex and patchouli).
 Ah. What? Oh! Thank you for reminding me to put on my fucked up bow-ring. No outfit is complete without trippy accessories! Now I just require some sort of local, fruity, yet potent, cocktail to complete everything.  My nonexistent life is THRILLING!

Friday, February 19, 2010

When Time and Imagination are Nonexistent...

My schedule is insane right now: I go to class for a couple of hours, then to work, then to rehearsal until midnight. I go home, give myself a whore's bath (face & armpits), fall straight into bed and sleep until I wake up and do it all over again. So, there is no time for me to think about what to wear in this cold, drizzly weather Austin has been experiencing. Thus, I've developed a kind of uniform: these motorcycle boots are comfortable and warm, the leggings are soft and versatile. This headband has saved my life; I brush my unwashed hair back and no one is the wiser. I generally throw on a top that's long enough to cover my butt and top it with a pashmina for extra warmth and color. I have stuck with this look for the past two weeks because it's cozy, work-appropriate, and allows me to move around at rehearsal. It's not at all fussy or original. Sometimes being pragmatic has to overcome being fashion forward...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trends are Tired but a Throwback Never Dies.

I've seen women wearing thigh-high socks for awhile now but the look seems to be gaining serious popularity. In my mind this is not a trend (think bejeweled trucker hats) but a throwback to school-girl chic. Without analyzing the sexual paradigm of the "school-girl uniform" too much, I'm loving this low-cost, low-maintenance look. Ideally the sock should hit a few inches above your knee cap and, since it's pretty heavy, be paired with something light and spring-y, like this pony-print silk tunic, pale blue (peel-off!) nail polish, elegant sunglasseslace parasol (to protect your skin dah-link!) and a poppy lip-stain. All of these accessories are damn precious so, in my constant quest for balance and unexpected details, I threw in these amazing dominatrix platforms (again, not going to analyze sexual paradigm) and this wicked killer icicle bracelet. Happy Spring!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

She Was An Unknown Legend In Her Time

This is a picture taken of my mother when she was 18 and living on the Heffer Hill Commune in Brattleboro, Vermont.  The look on her face perfectly epitomizes the defiance and independence that the 60's were known for. It also perfectly epitomizes my mother; she could lead an army into battle and be home in time for True Blood. I wanted to reinvent this outfit in a modern, fresh way: the skirt is long and elegant, so the top is fitted, cropped and casual. The handcrafted necklace is tribal but also vaguely art-deco. I love how ornate the shoes are, peaking out from under the skirt. The rosebud lip salve and patchouli oil are essential, obviously.

60's Inspiration

60's Inspiration by Jessie Tilton featuring Forever21 clothing

I would also like to thank Caitlin, of Admiral and Tea (a great blog to find cost-concious, wearable fashion). Caitlin pointed me to, where you can put together items from your favorite fashion websites.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Quick Note

         Hello all! I hope your Monday is going well. Mine is....well, I don't have anything nice to say so I won't say it at all.
However, I owe you a follow up on Creme de la Mer:
I wouldn't buy it.  
It's an excellent moisturizer, and I mean EXCELLENT. My skin had burns on it from using Retin-A and Creme de la Mer helped to heal them. However, if you have skin that breaks out easily, you should avoid it. Some people might also think it's an anti-ager but it doesn't seem to have any actives in it.
 A little research revealed that some people think La Mer is the same thing as Nivea Cream (explosive!). You can always get a little sample of La Mer and a tin of Nivea Cream and cross compare.  For what it is worth, my mother, a very savvy consumer, was not impressed by La Mer.

       On an entirely separate note: My dear friend Ryan recently noted that my pictures "look like they're off a mortgage website." Yuuuup. True dat. I genuinely wish Paper Sack were more aesthetically appealing.  I wish I had an awesome camera, but I don't- not yet!  I hope that my teensy audience is still able to enjoy my thoughts on fashion without the gorgeous photography that is so prevalent on other blogs. 
    In the meantime look at this ugly-ass photo of theses gorgeous-ass "sunset sandals" I recently purchased from Madewell. They are the lightest, most comfortable platform heel I've ever tried on. I keep them by my bed so that they are always within sight. I'm not joking even a bit.

Coming soon: How I Wear The Sunset Sandal and  60's Fashion Inspired By My Parents, 

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Thrill of Thrift

          I don't think I'd give up shopping at thrift stores even if I were stupid-rich. There is nothing like finding something beautiful in a sea of soccer-camp t-shirts. I recently found a men's sweater (pictured below) at a Goodwill. It is made from the the most incredible cashmere I've ever felt. I try to balance its masculinity by pairing it with body-conscious clothes. The below look is kinda amped-up. For a more casual look I'd pair it with a lace bra (or camisole), black leggings, and black motorcycle boots.

          Sometimes a successful thrifting trip feels like finding money hidden in a book: it's miraculous. About a year ago my mother, sister and I went to the aforementioned Goodwill. We all split up into different directions. I was sifting through the racks, when my sister walked up to me. Her mouth was agape and she looked slightly paralyzed. In her hands she held a brand-new pair of Cole Hann Nike Air black pumps. I think these shoes are around $400. They were $9.00. 

Yeah. Puddles of urine collected beneath us.

Also? They were too small for her. I bought them. I win.

       The Story of The Cole Hann Shoes sends my mind reeling; Why on earth would these be given away like a pair of old sneakers? Was it a gift from an ex-husband? The shoes of a friend or family member who passed away? What would posses someone to give away something so versatile, classic and insanely I repeat INSANELY comfortable?

      That is why I love the nature of thrifting and vintage-shopping. It's surprising, rewarding, fiscally-responsible and the clothes feel like someone else's story that you absorb and re-imagine. It's intimate and distant all at once. 

I also adore my (fake, so very fake) Chanel purse. I found it for $8 at The City Wide Garage Sale.

      I could go on about my plunder: a metallic-gold slip, a hand-towel holder (that looks like it's straight out of Alice and Wonderland), retro wall-clock, a pink satin 50's dress, a leather skinny-belt......

To ensure the most success on a thrifting trip I:

  • Hit up thrift-shops in affluent neighborhoods
  • Scan racks for luxe fabrics, not necessarily color or style.
  • Don't write off the men's sections. It is full of old Wrangler Jeans, preppy button-down shirts and blazers.