Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring-Summer Shoes

My sister, Lily, recently asked me to recommend a heeled sandal and a flat sandal.
This is what was unleashed:
I know, it's a terrifying bounty of beauty. Choosing just one shoe would be like Sophie's Choice- I just wouldn't be able to do it. The stress of it all would probably cause me to puke on them.
So, good luck Lily.

Shoes by Jessie Tilton featuring Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beauty Obsessions

I'll give it to you straight. I'm currently obsessed with two products:
I will readily admit that I bought the Loreal Go 360 Clean Cleanser just for the Scrublet- I love doohickeys. What can I say? I love it because my skin peels from Retin-A Micro but freaks out when I exfoliate, the most I can do is use a washcloth and those are ridden with bacteria. The Scrublet is extremely gentle, incredibly effective, and NOT a petrie dish.

As for the Psssssst Dry Shampoo- it's sick how amazing this stuff is. I have used many dry shampoos; most are expensive and not at all effective. Psssssst is cheap, covers up oil, volumizes, and basically does all the things that a hot-shower-shampoo does.
And the packaging is a vintage wet-dream.

Note: I don't know why Polyvore has Psssssst listed as being $20, I believe it is around $5

beauty by Jessie Tilton on

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grace Coddington

When I was around 11 or so I found a few forgotten issues of Vogue magazine amidst my older sister's pile of Seventeen magazines. I was hooked for a few years after that- I would sit in the magazine aisle of HEB as my mom shopped, and flip through the most current issue, letting my eyes feed on Vogue's special brand of cold beauty. I stopped looking at the magazine in my late teens because I began to feel like it had nothing to do with me- a grown-up party I wasn't invited to. I realize now that those were formative years; loving fashion started with reading Vogue, but understanding fashion meant walking away from Vogue.
I bring this up because I just watched The September Issue, an A&E Indie documentary about Vogue's September issue; their biggest one of the year. There was a lot of buzz about this film when it came out because it provided a glimpse of Vogue's editor, Anna Wintour, the most enigmatic, powerful and insular figure in fashion.
However, the most interesting part of the documentary was Wintour's fashion editor, Grace Coddington.
What Wintour is Coddington is not.
Grace is a formal model whose face was disfigured in a car accident, she barrels down the office hallways with a limp, always dresses in drab, black clothing and stands up to Wintour when other people run away with fear.
Grace Coddington's shoots are fanciful-soft yet saturated, and imbued with such imaginative beauty that truly take your breath away. Many of Grace's photos get vetoed by Wintour. At one point Coddington remarks that she has been left behind because she is stuck in romanticism- she can't progress beyond it. Truly, Coddington's aesthetic reflects someone whose heart is from some other delicate, beautiful world.
This is a good example of a Coddington shoot:

This post is my unadulterated, gushing admiration for Grace; her work and her independence. I love the fact that her shoots and her styling are mix of past and present, reality and fantasy. 
She is just one of those women that inspires me and gives me hope.
I hope she does the same for you.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Casual Day, Formal Night

In Austin, you will look foolish if you wear something fussy during the day; I punched up this super- relaxed outfit (first picture) with these AMAZING Madewell Sunset-sandals (I could wax poetic about these heels but basically that are just gorgeous, hip and very comfortable).
This is the kind of outfit that I can walk around campus in, go to work, run errands etc.
The pants are by Buckley Tailors (sold at Madewell) the tank top is some random white tank and the Shirt is actually a long pajama shirt I got at forever 21 and cut up into a cropped t-shirt.

The bottom picture is about as formal as I can get away with. I recently wore this dress to the Austin Film Society Hall-of-Fame awards. I doubt I will get another chance to wear it for a long time.
I found it at New Bohemia in Austin (a fantastic vintage shop) and fell in love with it's drapey, 40's/grecian glamour. I capped the sleeves with white thread.

I also want to take a moment to introduce the woman who took these photos: Lauren McKinley.
Lauren asked me to do some modeling for her and I figured I could con her into taking photos for Paper Sack. I'm really glad I did. She is really amazing and her photos are incredible. Go look at her portfolio: