Thursday, July 22, 2010

So Money

But listen, I can't help but fantasize about ridiculously expensive items like this drop-dead gorgeous Missoni dress. This whole outfit is an impossible dream. Blade-runner-bitch-princess.  I love the look of these sadistic looking rings (excepts for the middle one of course!) piled a single finger- and nails painted with this rich, emerald green hue. I almost added a vintage parasol to block out the sun, but I held back.
The fantasy of this outfit, and what it must feel like to wear it, kinda keeps me going. Welcome to being shallow.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

If you ever want to see your precious blog again...

 Find me a job!
No, but really, I haven't been posting because I don't have a job, which means I don't have money which means looking at clothes and accessories is straight up torture.
That said, many people are in my position or worse and this is a fashion blog not a whiney-pussy-parade!
The upside of my fiscal shittiness is that I have a renewed appreciation for Old Navy. Yeah, dude, I totally love me some suburban strip mall action. Take a look at these surprisingly slick items: