Thursday, September 16, 2010

FALL RTW Runway 2010, Part 2: Just some pretty frocks.

I got a weeee bit sick with food poisoning because I went to a "gastropub" (?) and had raw venison heart.
Yeah. So I guess I was pretty much asking for it. Let me tell you people: food poisoning changes you. I am  not the same Jessie I was a day ago. 
Anyways, I've been laying in bed watching ABC and NBC television shows. How many television series can you make about rich families in California? Please retire the topic. I get it- they like to drink wine and hide their pregnancies! 
I've written five GREAT T.V. shows in just the past five minutes (in my head).
 One is about a dog ( I know what you're thinkin': Lassie. But this is nothing like that). 
One is about an ice cream shop. It's called Frostical Fantasy.
I don't want to reveal the other shows, but I can promise you this: there are NO f-ing family dramas in the bunch!
Can we please just move on? Quit hounding me about my impressive ideas!
Let's move onto a topic more appropriate for this blog: Runway shows! 

The 3.1 Phillip Lim show has me obsessing over jumpers:
I don't really have any commentary about these except that I haven't really seen anything like them from other designers. They look wearable and easy to transition from fall to winter and spring. 

Me and the Cynthia Steffe collection are just having a love affair. I recently had a dream, that I found an antique bureau in the woods and it was filled with amazing, silky clothes. That was one great dream. This collection reminds me of it.


As you can see, this is her SPRING 2011 collection and it's ENCHANTING. These are dresses you could pass down to your daughters and granddaughters. They're timeless. And, although the models are 14 year old skeletons, these clothes seem to be suitable for healthier figures. 

Derek Lam had two show-stoppers:

I can't tell if that is silk jersey-knit material or what, but don't these look incredibly comfortable?
Ah, draping. I shall never tire of you! Once again, these are dresses that will transcend time. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FALL RTW Runway 2010, Part 2: The part where Jessie dies and comes back to life.

Hello Beauties. 
Well I've been going through the collections once, twice, three times and taking screenshots of those looks that really pull at me.
Remember when I said this would be a three or four part series? That was cute of me.
It will be more like.....I don't know, I can't even count that high.
I wanted to continue showing you the collections that were all around stunning and fresh.
I have my coffee ready. I hope you're nice n' comfy. Here comes Vanessa Bruno:
I adore this look. It's kind of a utilitarian-ballerina look. I never thought a leotard could look so cozy. 


Bruno is really right on trend with this light-as-a-feather fabric. The models look like they're going to lift right off the runway. So many of the collections have this aerial feel to them. However, these looks seem warm (the last look? Not so much). Perfect to wear right as the air is turning crisp. 

The second show that looked really great was, of course, Band of Outsiders:

If there was ever a collection that the modern-day Zooey Glass would wear- it's this one.
It can be kind of annoying because designers shoot for her look a lot and Zooey would think it's so desperate and snobby. Either way, I need to remind myself to mix fur and plaid this season. 

When I went through the Burberry Prorsum show I was just downright smitten. I'm so glad that I don't have money because if I did then it would all be blown on this collection and I would be a very well dressed bag lady who smells of whiskey. 
I dare you to find better jackets.



Are you still alive? Are you dead? Or are you teetering between life and death because Burberry just kills it every time? Jesus.
All of the coats in this collection were wicked killas. And that last dress is a gorgeous, textural orgasm.
It's all okay I guess, whatever. Take it or leave it. I don't care.

That is all my heart can take for today. Seriously. I suddenly have a gray streak in my hair because this was just a very emotional experience.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall RTW Runway 2010, Part 1: Sifting through the bullshit so you don't have to.

Runway? More like FUNWAY!
The point it this: I've been looking through a select few of the fall runways and wish to show you what I think you might like based on.....what I like. This might be a three or a four part series. I definitely want to start with the knockouts. The collections that were magical and had me selling organs online. I encourage you to have a look at the entire collections but I picked out only a few looks from each Ready to Wear runway. Let us not delay.
I want to start with Erin Fetherston:

What delights me about this collection is that these are the clothes of a woman who is not necessarily trying to be fashion forward or on trend. Yeah, both looks are gorgeous and feel relevant- but compared to other runways- it's totally free of pretense. These are the clothes you would see on the raddest chick. 

I love fashion and I'm always amazed by the craftsmanship and artistry but so many of these collections felt contrived and "fashion-y". Eh, maybe that is the point. But sometimes you don't want to feel like someone else. You want to feel like the best version of yourself. Erin Fetherston's collection feels so authentic. I think that's really brave in a world that thrives on selling you your own insecurity.

These are clothes I could wear and feel totally comfortable in.

The second collection that knocked me out was Chloe:

Wow. Chloe kinda makes me want to wear pantsuits on a daily basis, just for kicks. 
Look at how that materials floats around her legs. This whole show was awash in creamy, rich neutrals. Neutrals are colors I never get tired of. They make the clothes seem like a second skin. Many of the collections employed floaty, silky material. It's a great way to counter the more structured pieces of last season. 

The point is to seek these general themes in second hand shops and restyle them for the street. I can't wait to see everything reinterpreted. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Faster Fall

I'm ready for fall. I'm ready for hot tea and cozy tops and oxford shoes. 
Like the ones below...are those not the most perfect oxford shoes you're ever seen? I'm going to have to sell my body on the streets to get them but I MIGHT BE OKAY WITH THAT.
I also desperately need a new pair of glasses. I'm almost legally blind so I need big ol' Square Peg glasses.
If I was still in college then I'd walk to class listening to Carol King and admiring the crisp air and falling leaves (real serene-like n' shit). I don't know why Carol King equals Autumn to me.
I'm obsessed with this gorgeous long sleeve top. It's going to help me cope with not buying this sweater.
I wish they made them in every color and
I don't have words for the jacket. "I die." I guess? Will that do?
In summation: Fall fall fall. Fall is the best. I want it to be fall.
Do you read this blog for the writing?

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Bohemia

New Bohemia is a vintage shop on South Congress in Austin, Texas. Awhile back they were kind enough to lend me some clothes for a shoot. The below outfit would be killer sans camel toe. Don't you think? Either way- I love the juxtaposition of a ripped up concert tee and fancy metallic pants.

I also borrowed this amazing vintage Armani jacket and paired it with a patterned miniskirt and ankle boots. If you're in Austin, definitely find time to stop by this store. They have a huge selection.

Again, Lauren McKinley of shot this photos. She's amazing. I love her.