Thursday, September 9, 2010

Faster Fall

I'm ready for fall. I'm ready for hot tea and cozy tops and oxford shoes. 
Like the ones below...are those not the most perfect oxford shoes you're ever seen? I'm going to have to sell my body on the streets to get them but I MIGHT BE OKAY WITH THAT.
I also desperately need a new pair of glasses. I'm almost legally blind so I need big ol' Square Peg glasses.
If I was still in college then I'd walk to class listening to Carol King and admiring the crisp air and falling leaves (real serene-like n' shit). I don't know why Carol King equals Autumn to me.
I'm obsessed with this gorgeous long sleeve top. It's going to help me cope with not buying this sweater.
I wish they made them in every color and
I don't have words for the jacket. "I die." I guess? Will that do?
In summation: Fall fall fall. Fall is the best. I want it to be fall.
Do you read this blog for the writing?


  1. I read for the writing! I do! And also the pictures of clothes I can't afford.

  2. I love Fall too and colorful striped thigh high socks!! Definitely my favorite season for fashion...Fall fashion is layering and colors, fuzzy knitted accessories.