Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lady Intermission

Hey. Sorry I just had to....uhhhh...make mini-pizzas and watch Drunk History.
I just needed a little break from the whole "blogging" thing. Because I just really wasn't getting the praise, accolades and movie deals that that I had been expecting.
Yeah. And it's a shame to because some really interesting things have been going on in fashion lately and there is a fiery dialogue emerging about the trajectory of modern fashion.
In the August 2010 issue of Vogue Anna Wintour wrote that, "clothes need drama with longevity. At Vogue we say "fashion has come of age," and what we mean by this is that grown up thinking has overtaken trendy folly on the runways."
Makes sense. People want to invest in things that will look beautiful forever. We're all nodding. It is wise to do so. There has also been a rise in "heritage brands"- clothes that are rugged, american and classic, meeting the demands of people who want to wear that special mash-up of prep and grit.
On the other hand. there is this tribe of young people who are totally rejecting this school of classic( take a look at the video from The New York Times) everything they wear winks at you and suggests another answer to the recession; a life of fantasy and escape. It's pretty alluring but, eh I think I'll try injecting little pops of this style into my everyday wear. But if I'm being honest with myself- I'm not a soldier in either of these armies.
What do you think? Is either style sustainable? Can the fashion-minded successfully mix both looks?
p.s. my dad just returned from a hunting trip and I saw him looking at my fashion magazines. He said that he wanted to be a more "well-rounded person".


  1. 1. I'm glad you decided to blog again!
    2. Bill Cunningham is adorable.
    3. I need feathered shoulderpads.
    4. Feathered shoulderpads are the answer to all questions.

  2. lets try to make our own! craft party!
    Question number 1.) what cocktail shall we serve at our craft party?